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Photo Courtesy of:Domain Of Horror

     Photo Courtesy of: Domain Of Horror 

The Church By: E.T Brother

 My name is Dan Morris, I first laid eyes on that dreadful church on June fifth, thirteen years ago. I didn't realize it then, but I should've turned around and ran from that frightful place as fast as I could go and forgotten all about it.
 Unfortunately, I didn't do that and the church has haunted my dreams ever since. The church ended up driving me mad, I'm sorry to say and I ended up spending five years in another dreadful place, The Pleasantview Mental Institution. That is a nice name, but it is not a nice place, it is an insane asylum no matter what name you put on it. It is where they put all the loonies, which for a time, I was one of them. The horrors of the church, quite literally, drove me to the brink of madness and then shoved me into the abyss beyond.
 I spent five years in that mental institution, then I finally recovered my sanity, in spite of the fact that I was in a mental institution, not because of it. The mental institution that I was in, I can't speak for all of them, but the one that I was in was horrible. Even now, after the so-called age of Enlightenment, the treatment that I received while in the mental institution was pitiful. That should not have been the way it was, but it is the way it was, at the Pleasantview Insane Asylum. Let's just call it what it is and be done with it, we can dispense with the niceties, there is no need for them. They still treat their patients like second-class citizens and really not even that well, most times, they treat the patients like they are sub humans.
 But enough about that, the story isn't about how I was treated at the mental institution, it is about the horrors that I lived through that  day, at the hands of the church.
 I wish I had never seen the church, oh how I wished that I had not, but fate, twisted destiny, or something sinister showed me the church that day and my life has never been the same since.
 I first glimpsed the church on a long walk through the woods, near my home. I had never taken a walk through that particular section of woods, even though I had lived in the same house for close to 20 years.
 The church was in a large clearing in the woods, it seemed rather odd that the church should be there, or any building for that matter, because there were no roads leading into the clearing, none that I could see anyway and it was a good ways away from any roads.
 Another reason that it was rather odd that the church should have been there was, because it was very big, massive in fact, it was an old Gothic cathedral. The cathedral was definitely out of place being where it was, because it would have been better suited being in a big city, not in the middle of the woods, with no big city anywhere around. The closest city of any size at all and that is relatively small, is called Pleasantview but that is 20 miles away.
 The first time I laid eyes on the church, I was quite surprised to see it. It was massive, as I have already said and it was solid black, which struck me as being rather odd as well. I put that out of my mind though and began to make my way toward it. The church was quite old, it was clearly not used anymore, because parts of the roof were missing. The church sat on top of a small hill, that appeared to be man-made and stone steps led up to the top of the hill. I approached the steps, looking at the church as I walked and realized the church was black because it had been built with dark stones. The church was three stories tall, it had many windows and a tower that was probably double the height of the church. It also had numerous spires. The church was surrounded by a tall black wrought iron fence and there was a gate at the top of the steps. I walked up the stone steps, stopped when I got to the top and looked around.
 The path from the steps to the front doors of the church was clear and walkable, as if it were used frequently. I stood where I was for a moment, looked at the rest of the church grounds, saw it was clear and wasn't overgrown. It appeared someone was keeping the grounds nice, even if they weren't keeping the church itself in good repair. That should've been a clear indication that something wasn't quite right, but it wasn't.
 I looked back at the church, saw all the windows were missing but I couldn't see into the church from where I was, because the opening for the windows appeared to be covered up on the inside.
 I finally turned my attention to the gate, saw it was shut but it wasn't locked. I walked toward the gate, kept glancing around the church, because I felt as if I were being watched but I didn't see anyone.
 When I got the gate, I opened it, expecting the hinges to squeal in protest, but the gate opened easily, without a sound, as if it were oiled regularly. I walked through the gate, stopped, and looked all about, because the feeling of being watched was even greater now. I didn't see anyone at all, so I took a deep breath, shook my head, and walked to the front door of the church. I looked at the door, saw it was in good repair, and I reached for the doorknob. I expected it to be locked, but the knob turned easily in my hand, and without much noise. I pushed the door open, it swung open easily, and without a sound. I walked into the church, a thing that I wish I had never done, but I didn't know the horrors that awaited me inside,
 When I got into the church, I discovered why I had not been able to see into the church, there were wood shutters over the inside of the windows. I could still see well enough though, because even though the bottom windows were shuttered, the top windows were not, and the roof had many holes in it. There were shadows everywhere, some of the shadows were so dark, that I couldn't see into them.
 The inside of the church was, of course, as massive as the outside of the church suggested, and it was completely open. All of the pews had been removed, the floor was a wide open space. I glanced up at the ceiling, saw the church was twice as tall as it was wide, and the space above was open all the way to the arched ceiling.
 After looking up for several moments, I looked back down, and took a few steps into the church. I caught movement in the shadows to my left, out of the corner of my eye, and I quickly turned my head and I looked into the shadows. I didn't see a thing and chalked it up to my imagination.
 I wish I had not, maybe I could've escaped if I had left right then, at least I tell myself that, but that is probably wishful thinking. It was probably too late to escape, even though I was only a few steps inside the church. I'm certain that it was too late to escape the horrors of the church, from the second that I set foot inside it, but in the darkest hours of the night, I always lie to myself and think that if I had left right then I might've been able to escape.
 Unfortunately, I didn't turn around, I kept going.
 I finally looked away from the shadows, where I thought I had seen movement, and looked around the church. Nothing seems to be amiss, everything was still and silent, and after another moment, I began to walk further into the church.
 As I was walking, I heard slithering noises to my right, and I caught movement to my right, out of the corner of my eye. I quickly turned my head, looked into the shadows, I didn't see anything. I stood where I was for a moment, looking into the shadow, nothing moved.
 I thought about leaving, I was beginning to spook myself out, but then I decided to not let it get the best of me. I turned, looked around, then I began walking forward again.
 As I walked past every archway on both sides, I glanced into the shadows, but saw nothing out of the ordinary.
 As I got to the back of the church, which would have technically been the front of the church because it was near the altar, several things happened, almost simultaneously, which showed me that I was in big trouble.
 The door to the church slammed shut, it didn't just close, but it slammed shut as if someone had shut the door hard. Then all the upper windows began to go dark. I jumped as the door slammed shut, then looked up at the upper windows, as they began to go dark. All the inner shutters were being closed on the upper windows.
 They finished closing, it plunged the church into darkness, I screamed out in surprise and turned to run for the door. I stopped dead in my tracks, a cold chill ran through me, as if my blood had turned to ice water.
 Near the door, there was a heavy green fog, and in the green fog there appeared to be hundreds of human shapes. they weren't human though, far from it. The bodies looked human, but the heads didn't look human, they were too big for one thing, and entirely the wrong shape. The heads appeared to have tentacles hanging down from where the mouths should've been, and there were also tentacles on the backs of the heads. The tentacles were moving all about in the fog, their eyes began to glow red.
 "Welcome to the church of the ancient ones, prepare to see sights that will horrify you" a voice said from the fog. the voice was a low, deep voice.
 The fog began to move toward me and the shapes in the fog moved with it. I turned toward the altar area to run, thinking that I could find a way out that way, but I stopped in my tracks. I began to shake uncontrollably.
 Just in front of me, there were two red eyes, they were close to the ground. I heard claws clicking on the stone floor, as if a dog were walking toward me, only the clicking was much louder than any dog could've made. The eyes moved toward me, then they began to glow bright red, revealing a hideous creature. The creature was reptilian in looks, it had the head of the snake, the body of the lizard but it had human like hands with sharp claws. The creature opened its mouth, revealing a mouthful of sharp fangs and a reptilian tongue. The creature hissed at me, then began to reach for me.
 I turned around and began to run. I forgot all about the green fog, until I saw it again, it was still moving toward me. I quickly turned to the right, ran into the closest archway and ran through the opening. I looked around, I could see a little because of the red and green glows, I didn't see anything in the opening with me. The green fog kept coming my way, I could also hear the claws of the creature clicking on the floor.
I saw the way, in both directions, appeared to be open to the front and the back of the church. I turned toward the back of the church, the way that I came in and I began to run as fast as I could.
 As I got close to the back of the church, I saw a dark shape move toward me, it was massive. I stopped running, the shadow moved toward me. At that moment, the green fog came into the opening behind me, lighting the opening in a strange greenish glow. The glow revealed the thing in front of me and I began to scream.
 The creature in front of me had to be at least 10 feet tall, it had razor sharp claws at the ends of its fingers, it was even more hideous than the reptilian creature, or the creatures in the fog. The creature opened its mouth and snarled at me, revealing a mouthful of sharp fangs. The creature took a swipe at me with its hand, I ducked back and it missed me by mere inches. I felt the breeze go by me. I screamed again, turned to my left and ran through the open archway. The creature roared and began to run after me, the floor shook each time it took a step.
 I headed for the door, as soon as I cleared the archway, I knew the beast was still chasing me, because the ground continued to shake. I also knew the green fog and the other creature were also behind me.
 When I got to the door, I reached for the doorknob, it disappeared and I grabbed thin air. I stared at my hand in disbelief, then looked at the door and screamed. The door was bulging out toward me, a face was appearing and it opened its eyes. A mouth opened up, grinned at me, revealing a mouthful of sharp wood fangs. 
 "Going somewhere? What, you don't like our church, I'm hurt. You just got here and you want to leave already? Have a seat, take a load off your feet" the face said.
 A bench slid out from the archway, slid over to me, my knees buckled and I sat down on the bench.
 "Stick around, the fun is just beginning. You wouldn't want to miss it." the face said and then it began to laugh. It was an evil, sinister laugh.
 I tried to get up from the bench, I couldn't move, I was stuck. The bench spun around and began to slide me toward the front of the church. I screamed, tried to get loose, but I couldn't move. Something began to laugh in front of me, the church was once more dark, I looked around but saw nothing. I tried to get loose, straining all that I could, it was no use, I couldn't budge. Something began to form in front of me, it was a white mist, but it was not a shapeless mist. The mist continued to Change, it finally became a skull and the eyes sockets began to glow red.
"You can't leave once you set foot inside the church, you were doomed. This is the end of the road for you," The skull said. The voice was almost demonic, I screamed and tried to get loose, even more than I had before. No matter what I did, I couldn't move, I was trapped.
 "Keep screaming, I feed on fear. Scream, this is the church of screams, keep screaming," the skull said. The skull vanished and the church became dark once more.
I tried to get loose, it finally paid off and I jumped on my feet. I turned left, to run around the bench and stopped dead in my tracks. I didn't scream, I almost did, but then I realized it was a priest or a monk standing in front of me. The figure was wearing a hooded robe, the hood was pulled up and his back was to me. The figure was holding a candle, I thought that it was human, so I took a step toward it.
  "Can you help me get out of here?" I asked
 The figure turned around to face me, pulled its hood down and I screamed out in terror. The creatures face was hideous, the eyes were twice the size that they should've been, the nose was as well, and the face was gray and deformed. The creature smiled, revealing a mouthful of fangs.
 "No one will help you here, you will find no sympathy here." The creature said.
 I turned to run, there was another figure standing there, the figure looked normal from what I could see. I thought it was normal anyway but I could only see its face. It had the face of a woman, the figure was wearing a hooded robe and it had the hood pulled up. I hoped sanity was reinserting itself, I hoped the nightmare was finally over.
 "Can you help me get out of here? I asked.
 The figure smiled, it looked normal and I thought she was getting ready to help me, I was wrong. The figure grabbed the middle of it's robe and I realized the hands weren't right. The hands ands fingers were too long. The figure opened its robe, revealing it had a skeleton for a body. I screamed, turned to run and stopped dead in my tracks.
Standing in front of me was a figure wearing a black tuxedo and a cape over that. The cape was black on the outside and red on the inside. I thought the figure was human, it was standing back in the shadows, concealing its head, then it stepped forward. I saw it wasn't human, not anymore anyway, it was a skeleton. I screamed and the skeleton laughed.
"Have a seat, stick around for awhile," The skeleton said.
 The skeleton reached for me, I stepped back, then I was grabbed from behind.    I screamed, tried to get away but was shoved onto the bench. I saw what had shoved me onto the bench, it was the most horrifying thing I had ever laid eyes on, it was worse than everything that I had seen up to this point in the church. I thought the beast was faceless at first, then it opened its mouth, revealing a mouthful of sharp fangs. The beast was covered in fur. My mind had taken enough, I had felt it slip several  times already but this was the last straw.
 My mind slipped away completely, at the sight of this new beast. I don't know how long that my mind was gone, or what happened during that time, because my mind completely shut down, it is a complete mystery.
 When I finally came to, I was sitting in the clearing, sitting back against the wrought iron fence. I looked around, the church was there but no one was around. I got up, got out of there as fast as I could, I had had enough of the church and the woods for that matter.
When I got back home, I called a friend and told him what had happened. He was skeptical, to say the least but he did take it at face value. He told me the important thing was that I had escaped and was alive. He told me to forget about the church and move on with my life. I tried to take his advice, I really did but it didn't work.
 I had escaped the church, physically at least but my mind has never escaped it. The nightmares that I witnessed inside that church haunted my nightmares, they got so bad that I ended up suffering a nervous breakdown and I had to be committed to the Pleasantview Mental Institution. I spent five years there, I have told you how bad that was, so I won't rehash it now.
 I finally got better and was released. The nightmare stopped for a long time, I thought they might have been over for good but over the last month they have returned.  The nightmares are even worse than they were before, they are driving me mad again but I won't go back to that mental institution. I refuse to do that, I'm going to stop the nightmares for good. I have a 357 beside me, when I finish writing this, I will eat a bullet. That will stop the nightmares. I was once normal, sane but then I saw the church and my life hasn't been normal since. I guess that is all I have to say, that is my story, I escaped the church or at least I thought I did, but in reality my mind has never escaped it. I can only pray that eating a bullet will end it, I'm certain it will, I can't go on living like this.
 I will say one more thing, before I finish this, then I will end this nightmare for good. If you ever come across a black church, in a clearing in the woods, a big black cathedral, do not go in, turn around and run away as fast as you can. You might be able to escape it if you do that, but whatever you do, don't go in, don't even go near it!  It looks like a normal church, it is not, it is evil personified. It will drive you mad, just like it has driven me mad. I'm going to stop writing now, it's late and I'm getting tired. I refuse to sleep again, the nightmares will return if I do and I won't go through that again. Goodbye cruel world.

There is silence in Dan Morris's kitchen for a moment, then there's a loud click and a gunshot rings. Blood splatters the wall behind him, his chair falls to the floor and he lands on the floor beside it. Dan doesn't move, blood begins to pool beneath his head and the house is silent.
In the church Basement
 The basement is dark and silent, nothing moves. After a moment, something begins to glow green in the corner. A green fog appears, there are dark shapes in the fog, none of these shapes are moving. There are thousands of shapes in the fog, the shapes appear to be human like, but we cannot make out any of what any of them are, because the fog is too heavy.
 The fog begins to thin, one of the shapes becomes visible in the fog, it is Dan Morris. Dan opens his eyes.
 "My name is Dan Morris" I first laid eyes on that dreadful church on June the fifth, thirteen years ago. I didn't realize it then, but I should've turned around and ran from that frightful place as fast as I could go and forgotten all about it.
 Unfortunately, I didn't do that and the church has haunted my dreams ever since. The church ended up driving me mad, I'm sorry to say, and I ended up spending five years in another dreadful place, The Pleasantview Mental Institution" Dan says.
The End....

I wanted to thank the author of "The Church" for submitting his story!

                                                       Sincerely, Karin Silva

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